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Cybersecurity is vital in today’s interconnected world as it safeguards sensitive information and infrastructure from cyber threats. The risks associated with inadequate cybersecurity measures include data breaches, identity theft, financial fraud, and disruption of services, all of which can lead to severe financial and reputational losses, including massive regulatory penalties. Financial institutions handle vast amounts of sensitive client data, making them prime targets for cyberattacks.

AdvizorStack realizes the importance of ensuring data is secured and protected from malicious external entities seeking to access your information. This is why:

  • AdvizorStack has partnered with Buckler to run our Cyber Program Management System and SingleStore to help us protect the integrity of your data
  • Our cybersecurity program follows the latest regulatory requirements from the SEC, FINRA, and the State of New York.

By prioritizing cybersecurity through AdvizorStack, RIAs and financial institutions can better protect their clients’ data, prevent potential losses, and demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable financial system.

AdvizorStack is here to help guide and manage your Cyber Security of your data so that you can focus on what really drives your business: your clients.


SingleStore: Real-Time, Unified, Distributed SQL Providing Secure Access to the Freshest Data 

The world’s leading brands rely on data to make the right business decisions, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition. This brings with it a need for simplicity, speed, scale, security, and privacy. SingleStore delivers the world’s fastest unified, distributed SQL database: SingleStoreDB, available as SingleStoreDB Cloud, SingleStore Self-Managed, or in hybrid environments combining both. By providing unified management of transactional + analytical + vector workloads, SingleStoreDB eliminates performance bottlenecks and unnecessary data movement to support constantly growing, demanding workloads. Customers spanning every vertical choose SingleStore to unleash the power of their data and supercharge real-time data experiences for their own end customers. This includes many companies using SingleStore as their vector database powering generative AI apps, including ChatGPT, without incurring the limitations of a purpose-built vector database. SingleStore runs on the Big 3 Clouds and serves hundreds of customers including 100+ Fortune 500, Forbes Global 2000, and Inc. 5000 brands. It counts as customers five of the world’s top 10 financial institutions and a rapidly-growing roster of fintech innovators, as reflected on its Customer, Case Study, and Video Resources pages.

SingleStoreDB helps businesses optimize how they handle their client information. Instead of using many different databases for different tasks, they can use one powerful database to do everything they need. SingleStoreDB’s ability to manage transactions and analytics in a unified database removes the latency (delay) caused when companies move data from one database to another, for example, for analysis. This centralized approach makes their operations smoother and removes data barriers so they can leverage client information securely and more effectively. Since moving data between systems can also create vulnerabilities, managing all data in one place in SingleStoreDB also reduces the risk of cyber attacks.

SingleStore’s security features protect sensitive information, giving financial institutions peace of mind and ensuring that data is stored safely, and because it is a real-time database, businesses can operate in confidence knowing they are basing business decisions on the freshest, most accurate data.

In short: with SingleStoreDB, businesses can improve their client data, make their platform work better, and strengthen their defenses against cyber threats.


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Buckler: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance as the Foundation for Best Practices 

Buckler, a trusted financial institution partner, stands firm in ensuring compliance with all regulatory agencies, regardless of the organization’s size. In a nutshell, it adeptly streamlines the intricacies of cybersecurity, instilling a profound sense of security by providing a comprehensive plan in the face of any incident. Its team of seasoned Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge to the table, assuring clients that their financial institutions are safeguarded against potential threats and that a robust strategy is firmly in place. With Buckler, peace of mind and confidence prevail, knowing that they have a resilient shield against cyber risks.

Buckler’s Cyber Program Management system (CPM) provides information security policy, business continuity plans, security incident response plans, and vendor risk management. Buckler is the recipient of the 2023 T3 Emerging Technology Award.

AdvizorStack utilizes Buckler to remain compliant with the latest regulatory changes made the SEC, Finra, and the State of New York by providing the ability to track, enforce, and revise policies.





AdvizorStack: Combining Technology and Best Practices to Secure Your Data and Empower Your People

By bringing together the world’s best data platform technology (SingleStore), the world’s leading regulatory compliance expertise (Buckley), and its extensive experience in financial markets, AdvizorStack offers a solution that secures your data and empowers your teams with the freshest, most complete data to help you win in today’s competitive markets.



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